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“Made in America was really cool.”

Susan Froyd, Westword
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“Made in America is super fun.”

Andrea Simpson, ArtsHub
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MADE IN AMERICA is a site-specific performance premieres at Joe’s Pub in The Public Theater NYC from the 30th of April to the 19th of May 2019.

MADE IN AMERICA explores and dissects how ‘WE’, from the outside, consume American culture and movies; which leads to forming different opinions of the ‘true’ America. In the course of this debate, ‘WE’ question our very identities as international artistes – Is America the new Rome – where we are required to seek out success there for the ultimate validation and approval? Are our views of other cultures based mainly on our consumption of mass media and stereotypes which we are exposed to on a daily basis? Do we know more about this new Rome and its inhabitants (celebrities) then we know about our own countries? The staging of this work at The Public, NYC, affords us an opportunity to comment through the lens of humor and voyeurism on the effect of American cultural idolatry and the conflict of cultural, political and social viewpoints that stem for it.


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