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The reason to see Stalker is the way they marry jaw-dropping spectacle with real purpose.”

Tim Marsh, The Times, London


A Stalker Theatre and Out of the Box Production.

First commissioned by QPAC for the 2016 Out of the Box Festival for Children 8 years and under.

Creature is a new indoor theatre work for children that combines physical theatre, interactive digital technology, and storytelling. Creature is comprised of two major components: Creature the stage play, and Creature the video installation play-space.

Creature the stage play is a retelling of the 1899 Australian classic “Dot and the Kangaroo,” written by Ethel C Pedley. In this iconic story, 5-year-old Dot is lost in the (Australian) bush and is rescued by a (mother) kangaroo. The kangaroo gives Dot magical “berries of understanding” and she can immediately comprehend the language of all the animals and insects around her. It is a revelation to her. It forever changes the way she views the Australian bush.  Dot and the kangaroo then set out on an action-packed four-day journey to return Dot to her human mother.

Both the stage play and video installation play-space of Creature invite the audience to enter the magical world of the Australian bush, its beauty and fragility, and to explore how our (human) actions impact animals, plants, and our planet.


Stalker Theatre is one of Australia’s pre-eminent physical theatre company. Founded in 1989, it celebrates over two decades of outstanding achievement in the production of innovative, inter-disciplinary, physical, and visual theatre. Stalker delivers its work to extraordinarily diverse audiences across a range of cultural, social, and political contexts, regions, and nations. Its challenging new approach to physical performance draws on contemporary dance, new circus, martial arts, innovative approaches to dramaturgy, and inter-disciplinary and inter-cultural practices and processes.

David Clarkson has pioneered the company’s hallmark and world-renowned stilt-acrobatic, street-theatre form. His recent works have explored notions of endings, mortality, and ancestry in both street-based and intimate indoor aerial choreographic works. Through improvisation and his distinctive physicality David’s works Four Riders, Red, Flexion, MirrorMirror and Encoded explore key moments in personal identity and social history, how they are not fixed but spread over time, place, and space. His core practices include stilt-acrobatics, aerial choreography, improvisational dance, improvisational theatre and, more recently, interactive technologies.

Stalker has toured to remote and urban locations across Australia, as well as to Europe, Asia, and Latin America.

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