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“The Wet Spots combine the sweet sounds of 1930s cabaret, swinging ’60s, and Cole Porter-style tunes with comic-erotic tales of their bi-sexually polyamorous relationship. Like Burt Bacharach on amyl nitrate perhaps?”

Benito Di Fonzo, The Sydney Morning Herald

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“Primarily a musical act, they interact wonderfully with the audience, discussing in such an entertaining way why we should all relax and enjoy our mischievous side”

-Kosta Jaric, Fringe Benefits (AUS)

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“…a mix of Cabaret, Rocky Horror, and My Fair Lady…”

-Stuart Derdeyn, The Province, Vancouver, Can.
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“…all the makings of a cult classic.”

-Jo Ledingham, The Vancouver Courier
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SHINE delivers copious amount of pleasure. Sit back and take it.”

– Colin Thomas, The Georgia Straight, Vancouver, Can.
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“[The Wet Spots’] wit, worldliness and surprising sensitivity rescue them from merely rolling in dirt. Their songs are as cleverly constructed as Cole’s; as intelligent and charming…”

– Lloyd Bradford Syke, Australian Stage Online


A tassel-twirling original, SHINE: A Burlesque Musical is a full-book musical about an infamous burlesque theatre and the family of talented misfits who try to save it from demolition… or worse, respectability. Featuring the choreography of Inga Ingénue coupled with the acclaimed songwriting of cabaret duo The Wet Spots, SHINE is racy, intelligent entertainment for adults that will appeal to the same adventurous audiences drawn to productions such as Rocky Horror and Avenue Q. SHINE is an adult-oriented show which contains nudity and themes of healthy sexuality. The producers and writers of this show think this is a Very Good Thing.

At its heart, SHINE is a love letter to contemporary burlesque, created by those who have lived it. The Wet Spots (Cass King and John Woods) have enjoyed international success with their elegant, comedic songs about sex and have played sold out shows at the Sydney Opera House, Massey Hall (Toronto), Café de Paris (London) and The Public Theatre (NYC).


Picture a husband and wife team from the golden age of comedy. Now picture them singing sweetly about threesomes and taking it in the ass. Internationally acclaimed cabaret duo The Wet Spots (Cass King and John Woods) write the most elegant songs about sex that you will ever hear.

The pair presents an image that is vaudevillian, oversexed, and weirdly Canadian: Think sex club by way of Monty Python. Using a lively blend of original songs, audience interaction, spankings and sing-a-longs, The Wet Spots draw their fans into a world where the libido is celebrated and satirized.

The duo started playing together in 2003, and quickly became headliners at Vancouver cabarets and comedy clubs. Five years later, having developed a following with the success of their internet videos, The Wet Spots travel extensively, playing shows across Canada, the US, the UK and Australia.

Despite (or rather, because of) their adult subject matter, The Wet Spots’ genre-busting act appeals to a broad audience. Their songs have been licensed for TV shows like The L Word and live credits include three sold-out shows at the Sydney Opera House, Massey Hall (Toronto), Cafe de Paris (London), The Box (NYC), as well as many non-traditional venues, including The Center for Sex and Culture (San Francisco), The Museum of Sex (NYC), and many Pride events including the first ever queer comedy showcase in Africa (Cape Town Comedy Festival).

Cass King and John Woods met in 2001 and married in 2003. Before becoming a Wet Spot, John was s singer-songwriter from Winnipeg who performed with pop and punk bands across Canada and England. Cass was an award-winning spoken word artist and sex columnist from Toronto, who managed a pioneering women’s sexuality store. They currently live in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

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