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Australia's Strange Fruit

US-based company NOW AVAILABLE!


"… like living statues soaring between heaven and earth…their heads in the sky, hearts close to the sun … produced brilliantly eclectic images that pay homage to Michelangelo, Mary Poppins, Folon and Magritte.”

-Nord Éclair, France

"Insane, fantastic, madness or simply wonderful rang the commentary of the amazed audience about the joyous performance taking place high over their heads..."

-Oberhessische Presse, Germany

"Swoon! will make hearts go pitter-pat no matter how old the viewer."

-Delia O'Hara, The Chicago Sun Times
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Established in 1994, Australia's Strange Fruit is a much-celebrated touring company that creates and performs a unique style of performance for audiences worldwide. Based in Melbourne, Australia, the company performs atop fourteen foot flexible poles, bending and swaying to impossible angles while combining elements of theatre, dance, and circus. With a repertoire that has a universal appeal and is accessible to all cultures and ages...
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This one-of-a-kind company offers customized performances and set repertoire (below) for every occasion - private parties, corporate gatherings, gala celebrations and special events - delighting your clients and audiences with magical performances atop 14 foot sway poles.


Swoon! (25 min. no intermission)

Swoon! is a 20 minute performance where 4 daredevils tell a spectacular story of love, loss, joy and freedom up on high. It was awarded the Second Prize at the 1999 and 2000 Shizuoka Daidogei World Cup, and has been performed worldwide. Swoon! is a vital, spirited performance with spectacular image-making and seductive comedy. Accompanied by a unique and eclectic soundtrack blending some classics with original music, the audience is taken on a journey of beauty, love and laughter.

The Spheres
(4-person cast, 20 min. no intermission)

(5-person cast, 20 min. no intermission)
(7-person cast, 40 min. no intermission)

The Spheres is a cosmic and awe inspiring performance that takes a whimsical look at physics, the miracle of rebirth and power behind these two phenomena. Four, five, or seven celestial beings emerge out of illuminated globes to recount a tale of transformation and wonder. This dazzling quartet version of The Spheres is twenty or forty minutes depending on cast size, and for presentation at nighttime only.

A note from the company about the name, “Australia’s Strange Fruit”

The company was founded in Melbourne, Australia in 1994, with the founders of the company having no knowledge of the Billie Holiday song. The name Australia’s Strange Fruit intends no reference to the song, and we will continue to seek the advice of the festivals that engage us, and our US representation, as to how we consider any usage of the name.

The name “Strange Fruit” came from a dream by the creator of the apparatus with which we work, and on which our shows are based. The dream was of a field of wheat swaying in the wind, which led to the creation of our flexible poles. Strange, brightly colored fruit were atop the strands, which he saw as performers in bright costumes... >more info


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Video Australia's Strange Fruit Promo (2010)
View The US cast performing "Swoon!" at Virginia Arts Festival (2013)

Photo Gallery

 Swoon!; Photo Courtesy of Australia's Strange Fruit  Swoon!; Photo Courtesy of Australia's Strange Fruit  Swoon!; Photo Courtesy of Australia's Strange Fruit  Swoon!; Photo Courtesy of Australia's Strange Fruit  The Three Belles – Photo Courtesy of Australia's Strange Fruit

 The Three Belles – Photo Courtesy of Australia's Strange Fruit  The Spheres; Photo Courtesy of Australia's Strange Fruit  The Spheres; Photo Courtesy of Australia's Strange Fruit The Spheres; Photographer Roger Moody The Spheres, Photo courtesey of Australia's Strange Fruit

 Custom Event; Photographer John Lloyd Fillingham  Custom Event; Photographer John Lloyd Fillingham  Custom Event; Photographer Martin Yull Custom Event; Photographer Derek Barrett Custom Event; Photographer Jade Lyon

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2014/2015 Tour Dates

Sept 5-7

Longwood Gardens

Kennett Sq, PA

Fri & Sat, Sept 12&13

Centre in the Square
The Spheres

Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

Fri & Sat, Sept 12&13

Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center- Next Now Festival
Custom Event

College Park, MD

Thurs-Sat, Sept 18-20

FirstWorks Urban Carnivale

The Spheres

Providence, RI

Sun, April 12, 2015

Fontainebleau Miami Beach
Private Event

Miami Beach, FL

Tue-Sun, April 14-19

Virginia Arts Festival

The Spheres

Norfolk, VA

April 29-May 1

University of Alabama

Birmingham, AL

Fri & Sun, June 19 & 21

Walton Arts Center
The Spheres & Swoon!

Fayetteville, AR

Sat-Tue, July 11-14

presented by CIBC and TO2015

The Spheres

Toronto, ON

Aug 13-16

Breckenridge Creative Arts

Breckenridge, CO
Please check back soon for newly announced tour dates!
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