dot.Maze: GET LOST!

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2015/2016 Tour Dates

April 28-May 8, 2016
Virginia Ars Festival
dotMaze: Get Lost!
Norfolk, VA
May 11-15
Ottowa Children's Festival
dotMaze: Get Lost!
Ottawa, ON

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“A surreal and wonderful experience for the young and young at heart. You’d be a fool to miss it.

Shella Davis, Brighton Festival

“Imagine Alice in Wonderland crossed with a greek myth. It’s a great show!”

Lyn Gardner, The Guardian

“The show was a huge success.  It disrupted the usually sedate environs of Pavilion Gardens for two days and thrilled, confused and delighted audiences.”

Jane McMorrow, Creative Producer, Brighton Festival 

“An attraction of the Adelaide Fringe Festival the ‘Get Lost’ Maze’ at the Royal Croquet Club is just ‘ amazing.’ saw many of the attractions at the festival but for me this was the best. Highly recommended for everyone, but especially for families with young children. Lose an afternoon and feel much better for it.”

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Watch TV coverage of DotMaze: Get Lost! in Adelaide, Australia


dotComedy’s lastest creation is the dotMaze: Get Lost! , an artistic vision combining elements of fairytale, myth, comedy, art and landscape. In true dotComedy style, the dotMaze will delight confuse and inspire all those foolhardy enough to lose themselves within its walls. They have created the perfect environment in which to experience a healthy disregard for normality. So please, we implore you…Get Lost!…you may find more than you bargained for…

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dotComedy have created over 25 productions (and counting), ranging from the large scale dotMaze: Get Lost!, to solo shows, smaller installations and walkabout pieces. They specialize in site-specific commissions, including pieces for The Manchester Commonwealth Games, The Brit Awards and the 2011 Rugby World Cup in New Zealand.

They also offer workshops in Street Art, recently working with students from Winchester University and The Mint Fest Lakes Alive. In Europe they have worked with Insitu, and have had residencies in French Creation Centres in Rouen and Marseille.

The Company has employed over 50 performers and has a regular pool of 25. To realize the high standards they demand of their work, they continue to develop productions with renowned prop and costume makers, designers, musicians and film makers.

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