Evolution of a Sonero (Promo)

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“Evolution of a Sonero delves into the rich musical and cultural richness of Puerto Ricans in this country, particularly in the Bronx.”

Teresa Marrero, North Texas Performing Arts News
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“Navaja dominates the stage with his beautiful voice, irresistible smile, and dynamic talent.”

Pete Hempstead, TheaterMania
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This is the first full-length show by acclaimed singer, poet, and actor Flaco Navaja. With unabashed love for The Bronx, a gift for crafting memorable characters, and genuine good humor, Navaja and five top-notch musicians – aka The Razor Blades – bring on the charm, the rhythm, and the soul essential to a Bronx Sonero. Paying homage to many great musical icons—from Janis Joplin to Menudo, from The Doors to Héctor Lavoe, from Jimi Hendrix to Rubén Blades—this sophisticated theatrical with a narrative arch is as much about Navaja’s creative evolution as it is about the wild mix that gives life to a rhyme, a people, and a culture. Evolution of a Sonero celebrates Navaja’s Puerto Rican roots, his families’ immigration story, and the life of salsa that makes a Sonero. Evolution of a Sonero was presented at The Public Theater as part of the 2019 Under the Radar Festival; at the 2019 Ann Arbor Summer Festival; and at Dallas’ Latino Cultural Center, among other venues. 80-minutes in length, this show can be presented in Spanish if that is your preference.


Born and raised in The Bronx, Flaco Navaja is a singer, poet and actor. If Héctor Lavoe boxed Rubén Blades and KRS-1 was the referee you’d get Flaco. His poetry combines singing, beat-boxing, and spoken word, having way with words that is second only to his way with a song. An equally passionate performer in English and Spanish, he is an ensemble member of Pregones Theater, where he premiered Evolution of A Sonero. He as a fixture of the Nuyorican Poets Café and star of HBO’s Def Poetry Jam. Film & TV credits: Pride & Glory, Fighting, Gun Hill Road, Law & Order, CSI NY, Eastwill YB and more.

Jorge Merced is associate artistic director at Pregones/Puerto Rican Traveling Theater in NY, where he has been a company member since 1987. An acclaimed theater artist, he trained with Osvaldo Dragún, Eugenio Barba, Miguel Rubio and Teresa Ralli (EITALC 89 – Cuba), Augusto Boal (Brazil & France), and at the Alvin Ailey Center (NY). NY Directing credits include: Fellini’s La Strada with René Buch, El huesped vacío and Verano Verano (IATI), Evolution of a Sonero, The Blackout, Aloha Boricua, Neon Baby, El Bolero Was My Downfall (Pregones), and 11 years of workshop productions for the Asunción Queer Playwrights Project. He is a graduate of NY City College-CUNY.

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