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“This is a show classed as family entertainment not because it is dumbed-down, but because it speaks to different demographics simultaneously. Genuine fun for all the family: highly recommended.”

Van Badham, The Guardian
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The multi-award winning family show Kaput has melted hearts of all ages around the world with its glorious brand of slapstick, acrobatics, total silliness and copious amounts of popcorn. Be swept up in the mayhem that is the larger-than-life ‘elegant buffoon’ Tom Flanagan, as one man’s life is flipped upside-down by the lonely, dust-covered world that surrounds him. This clumsy ‘Mr. Fixit’ takes one step forward and two-steps back in a highly skilled, hilariously funny and beautifully poignant bit of madness.


The larger-than-life acclaimed acrobatic clown, Tom Flanagan, has been tumbling, twisting, flying and falling since the age of six.

A graduate of the Flying Fruit Circus, Tom Flanagan has performed at festivals and circuses around the world, collecting praise and critical acclaim including Argus Angel  and Star of the Festivals awards.

The self-professed “elegant buffoon” co-created and starred in numerous performances and companies including: The Tom Tom Crew, Circus of Oz, Briefs “The Second Coming”, Amy Saunder’s “The Crack” and “The Mess”, Circa, Legs On The Wall “My Bicycle Loves You”, Club Swizzle, and more.

Tom’s first solo show- Kaput- opened early 2012 to a premier sold-out season at the Adelaide Fringe Festival in the Garden of Unearthly Delights, where it was nominated for Best Circus & Physical Theatre. It then went on to receive critical acclaim at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival where the show won Mervyn Stutter’s Spirit of the Fringe Award, and was listed by the Scotsman as one of the top 5 comedy shows at the Fringe.

Since then Tom Flanagan’s silent slapstick acrobatic comedy show Kaput has toured four continents, won countless awards, and collected fans from 5 to 95 years old.

An exceptionally likeable and versatile acrobat, musician, clown, and director, Gareth has been involved full-time with circus and street performing since the age of 12.

From his humble beginnings as a street performer he then went on to study music and dramatic art at The Northern Rivers Conservatorium in Lismore.

After completing his studies he first joined the innovative bus dwelling contemporary company Circus Monoxide for several years, then the Lunar Circus to attempt to drive an entire circus overland to Europe.

Amongst other things he now runs his own family show The Pitts Family Circus who have toured the world to great acclaim.

Captain Frodo has been a performer all his life. As a son of a magician Frodo’s love affair with the stage began in The Great Santini’s Magic Show, in Norway.

Frodo was born with hyper mobile joints which led him to escapology. Using his natural flexibility to wriggle his way out of a straight jacket became the final of the family show. Yet that finale became the start of the Captain;s next career as The Incredible Rubberman. It turned out that audiences were more fascinated with the crazy contortions and strange dislocations that happened inside the straight jacket, than the escape itself. He had successfully turned his deformity into his art.

Frodo has performed with the Kamikaze Freakshow, the Modern Primitives, the Happy Sideshow, Circus of Oz, Circus Monoxide, Medium Rare, he has worked for ten years with La Soiree (aka La Cirque), with Vegas Nocturne at Rose Rabbit Lie in Las Vegas, and with OhLaLa Crazy, Sexy, Artistic Circus as well as presenting his own full length solo shows.  Captain Frodo’s brand of illuminated showmanship is both hysterically funny and surprisingly moving.

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