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“In an age defined by digital spectacle, there is a renewed sense of wonder in these handcrafted illusions”

-Rebecca Harkins-Cross, Sydney Morning Herald

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Conceived in 2012, Everybody is a giant 26.5m human puppet with articulated, detachable and interactive body parts and organs. Ambitious in scope and subject, it is the largest human puppet on the planet and represents the essential humanness of everybody.

Everybody‘s build is experimental; it’s kind of unimaginable, so big and complex but without high-tech design. Its creation is brute, rough, handmade. Everybody is all genders and multi-racial.

Everybody lies down indoors in theatres, outdoors in parks and in open public spaces. In repose, Everybody sleeps, breaths and stirs. Everybody is not just one puppet but a multitude of independent, roaming human body parts and organs; they are characters in their own epic tale of human existence.

Everybody is an immersive experience. Audiences can walk around, sit on, lie against, get inside, and cuddle up to Everybody and all its beautiful body parts. The giant human puppet is viewed in 360 degrees. Everybody, the experience, is a six-hour interactive art installation, or a 90-minute stage show.

The giant Human Body Parts are a playful exploration of the human form; a large scale interactive roaming work that creates surreal and mesmerizing interventions into everyday life.

Meet our massive Hand, Mouth, Foot, Nose, Ear and Eye – all disembodied giants with minds of their own. Each puppet has its own distinct personality. The Ear and Eye, still and pensive, following, watching and listening. The Mouth in contrast is quite articulate, chomping, snarling, devouring and licking with its giant tongue. Imagine a giant hand creeping its way down the footpath, touching everything, holding people, tapping, slapping and generally gesticulating its way around town, while the giant Foot hops along trying to keep up.

Adults and children alike go crazy for the surreal weirdness of these giant disembodied body parts floating down the street. Performances invite audience interaction and inspire wonder at the extra-ordinariness present in everyday life.

Whisper your secrets to the giant ear, chew the fat with the mouth, high five with the hand, or tickle some toes on the enormous foot. Our giant eye always raises a few brows.


Snuff Puppets is a radical large-scale puppet company pushing theatrical boundaries and rocking audiences around the world. Our main streams of activity are giant puppet roaming acts, community workshops and main-stage shows. They have a range of work that we present in a variety of indoor and outdoor spaces. Most is suitable for families, they also create works for adult-only audiences.

Snuff Puppets arrive like a circus, parading through town using outdoor and roaming performances to ambush audiences and entice them into the world of theatre. Their art explores, provokes and inspires progressive cultural change. They are unashamedly hand-made and experimental in a world obsessed with perfection and mass-consumption. Snuff Puppets is proudly anarchic, fiercely fun and all-inclusive.

Andy Freer is the founder and artistic director, creator, writer, designer, puppeteer and performer at Snuff Puppets. Andy began making giant puppets in 1988 with Splinters Inc, eventually founding Snuff Puppets in 1992. Having travelled overseas to more than 20 countries with every tour since 2002, Andy has showcased the Snuff Puppets repertoire of productions and collaborated with professional artists on new works in Indonesia and Korea.

He has taken the Snuff Puppets’ community cultural development model (known as People’s Puppet Projects) throughout Australia and to a wide variety of communities and artists in over 12 countries including Indonesia, Korea, Brazil, Taiwan, India and Denmark.

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