The following Outdoor & Virtual programming is immediately available for covid-safe outdoor presentations and at-home screens. They consider social distancing, use of technologies, and the re-imagining of audience engagement, connectivity, and participation. Please know that in addition to the projects you will discover here, each of our companies have high quality, full-length recordings of their works also available.

** indicates Artists of the Global Majority
* indicates Family Programming


a canary torsi|Yanira Castro Last Audience**

Ann Carlson The Symphonic Body/In Memory*

Monica Bill Barnes & Company Keep Moving*

Sankofa DanzafroBlack Voices**  



Manual Cinema Manual Cinema’s Christmas Carol *

Leonardo & Sam*
Live organ options

Polyglot Theatre Voice Lab*


a canary torsi|Yanira CastroParadis *

Ann Carlson The Symphonic Body* 

LaTasha Barnes The Jazz Continuum** *

Ragamala Dance CompanyThe Fires of Varanasi **

Trisha Brown Dance Company Trisha Brown: In Plain Site *

Circus & Outdoor Spectacle

Close Act Theatre

eVenti Verticali



Polyglot Theatre – Bees & Ants

Video Installation

Craig Walsh Monuments **  *

fuseSnow Fall *

Craig Walsh’s Monuments
Trisha Brown Dance Company
Polyglot Theatre