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Now in its nineteenth year, Elsie Management offers a celebrated roster of performing artists for engagements to performing arts centers, venues of all shapes and sizes, festivals, and special event programming.

We are dedicated to promoting exceptional, award-winning performing artists and companies with singular visions that scope the traditional and experimental gamut of the performing arts. We are delighted to welcome the US-based cast of Australia's Strange Fruit, Ann Carlson, Ragamala Dance, the UK’s dot.Maze: GET LOST!, and Jack Charles V The Crown from New Zealand. Routed tours for international companies in the 14/15 season will also include Tim Watts'“Alvin Sputnik: Deep Sea Explorer” and “It’s Dark Outside,” and Union Tanguera’s “Nuit Blanche.” We are thrilled to offer guaranteed NDP subsidy for 14/15 engagements for Ballet Memphis and Ragamala Dance. We look forward to working together to keep your audiences coming back for more!

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