Founded in 1995, Elsie Management represents a roster of performing artists for engagements at performing arts centers, venues of all shapes and sizes, festivals, and special event programming. We are dedicated to promoting exceptional, award-winning performing artists and companies with singular visions that scope the traditional and experimental gamut of the performing arts. We are delighted to welcome to the roster Monica Bill Barnes & Company, fuse*’s “Dökk” (Italy), Tom Flanagan’s “KAPUT” (Australia), and Craig Walsh’s “Monuments” (Australia). We are thrilled to offer guaranteed touring subsidies for Ashwini Ramaswamy’s “Let the Crows Come,” “Sin Salida,” a collaboration by Union Tanguera and Kate Weare Company, and for Manual Cinema’s “The End of TV.” We look forward to working together to keep your audiences coming back for more!

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