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2021/2022 Tour Dates

July 25, 2021
LEV Festival
Gijon, Spain

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“It’s difficult to summarize such a massive piece”

Cycling ’74
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“An unexpected synesthesia of pure cognitive escape”

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Dökk is a live, multimedia performance of light, sound, and movement conceived and produced by the Italian digital art studio fuse*, in collaboration with performer Elena Annovi.

One-hour in length, Dökk is a solo journey through the subconscious. The performance takes audiences into an endless universe, into a mandala-like experience. Dökk evokes the random, unforeseeable experience that is life itself. It looks at the circle of life as a search for the balance between light and darkness. (Dökk is the Icelandic word for “darkness”).

For Dökk, fuse* created a software to synthesize the data collected in real time from four sources: the show’s score, the movement of the performer, her heartbeat, and the emotional analysis of what people around the world are posting at that moment on social media. Thus, each performance is one-of-a-kind, singular experience. The innovative technology, combined with multiple projection layers and the moving body of the performer, create an incredibly unique experience for the audience. The spectacular production design delivers a stunning 3D illusion, ultimately fed by the collection of data.

Snow Fall is an interactive installation staged initially in 2009 at Palazzo Santa Margherita in Modena. With this installation, fuse* explored the potential of artificial viewing techniques in the artistic field for the first time. The system processes the images captured by a number of video cameras in real time, picking out the silhouettes of people, and blocking the fall of snowflakes on the shadows that people project onto the wall. The installation was also featured in 2010 at the finals of the Celeste Prize, displaying the work in action at the Brodbeck Foundation in Catania. The first version was made with infrared camera, years before modern motion sensors were introduced to the market. In 2015 for the Right Here, Right Now exhibition in Manchester, the installation is completely, even recreated as an artwork. With the help of new hardware and software, the level of interaction is improved preserving the same essential, yet powerful concept. The aesthetics have been added to with an audio soundscape, enabling a new experience of the revisited artwork. In 2019, we had the chance to do some minor improvements to the installation by adapting the content to a 4k resolution for the Everything in Existence exhibition at Artechouse. Thanks to this upgrade the software has been implemented with the possibility to see a much broader set of details of the audiences face that they were not possible to see before.


fuse* is a studio and an independent production company that operates in the meeting area between art and science with the aim of exploring the expressive possibilities of the creative use of emerging digital technologies, amplifying the emotional impact of the narration. Through a modus operandi that enhances pure experimentation and the empirical approach in the creative process, the goal is to move the boundaries and look for new connections between light, space, sound and movement.

Dancer and performer, she began her career as a gymnast until the age of 18. Later she studied contemporary dance and developed a strong aerial/vertical technique, carrying out her personal research as a performer, experimenting with the work on the body, space, and the installation image. Since 2006, with the opening of the Olympic Games in Turin, she travels the world with several world-famous companies such as Materiali Resistenti Dance Factory, Il Posto Vertical Dance, Kitomb, Teatro alla Scala, etc. She collaborates with artists such as Paolo Fresu, Dino Merlin. From 2013 she began collaborating with fuse* as interpreter and choreographer of N4, Ljos, and Dökk, thus starting her path of experimentation between body and digital arts.

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