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2017/2018 Tour Dates

July 20-August 26
Qingdao Time Space Culture Group
Qingdao, China
July 21
Crailsheim, Germany,

Please check back soon for newly announced tour dates!


“Like any good game, Wanted keeps you enthralled, entertained and hanging on to see the next move from beginning to end.”

David Warner, Creative Loafing

 full article (PDF)

“One of kind!”

“Compelling from the very beginning!”

“Thank you for all of the joy!”

–  Audience responses posted on


Wanted is an aerial physical theatre work in which two (hilarious!) characters are drawn into a world of comics and animated films through projected large-scale videos, while performing over the audience suspended in harnesses. The two characters go on an adventurous trip teetering between the fictitious nature of animated drawings and the pseudo-reality of a computer screen. They are on the run – they traverse the globe, jump tall buildings, and tunnel their way into safes! The computer itself becomes a character, intervening and interacting with the two heroes on its desktop, transforming them into 1980’s videogame characters.


Hailing from Italy, eVenti Verticali is under the artistic direction of Luca and Andrea Piallini. The Piallini Brothers founded eVenti Verticali in 2006 after uniting their performing careers: one based in theater, the other in circus and acrobatics.

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