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2023/2024 Tour Dates

May 19
Siké Spring Festival
Isola del Liri, Frosinone, Italy
May 24
BAM Festival
Milan, Italy
May 31
Private Event
San Valentino Torio, Italy
Fri - Sun,
Aug 9 - 11
SPHERE, US Premiere
Bethlehem, PA
Fri - Sun,
Sept 6 - 8
Providence, RI

Please check back soon for newly announced tour dates!

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Like any good game, Wanted keeps you enthralled, entertained and hanging on to see the next move from beginning to end.

– David Warner, Creative Loafing
 full article (PDF)

“One of kind!”

“Compelling from the very beginning!”

“Thank you for all of the joy!”

– Audience responses posted on


Quadro is a dream come true. The dream of dancing on a flying wall.

A structure made of aluminium truss hangs by a crane while supporting a 50 square meter cloth.
An aerial vertical stage for dancers, circus artists and musicians.

Serving both as a stage and a screen, it can be used to project either images or videos, according to the needs of the event. The presence of team of experts in high safety standards guarantees for the safety of both the performers and the audience during the shows.

So far, Quadro has been adapted to different projects in order to meet the needs of different organizers. This not only has always resulted in unique performances, but has also allowed us to make some useful research on the field regarding the wonderful world of aerial structures.

More QUADRO videos

Cubo is a Volume in Flight.

A three-dimensional stage suspended in the void, a kaleidoscope of shapes and colors in continuous mutation, a play of bodies, lights, and shadows that blend into the color-changing structure.

Performers move in the Cube carrying the audience in a colorful swirl of images that every time comes out of the flying trunk.

It’s an ad-hoc project ready to capture different suggestions enriching itself every time with new details and traits.

From Italy, eVenti Vertical’s SPHERE is a 30-minute outdoor performance delivered by 5 aerialists, suspended from a crane some 60 feet above the ground. The performance begins with the transparent sphere deflated and shapeless with one aerialist suspended inside. The sphere is raised by the crane, becoming a gigantic, fully inflated stunning globe, transforming into a place where everything comes alive. Five aerialists take the audience on a journey reflecting on our miraculous lives here, on our planet earth. SPHERE is also an installation – offering an opportunity for environmentally-conscious programming.

Click here for visuals of the show


Hailing from Italy, eVenti Verticali is under the artistic direction of Luca and Andrea Piallini. The Piallini Brothers founded eVenti Verticali in 2006 after uniting their performing careers: one based in theater, the other in circus and acrobatics.

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