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Tall Tales of the High Seas promo

Australia’s Strange Fruit Promo (2010)

2021/2022 & 2022/2023 Tour Dates

April 22-June 5, 2022
Dollywood Parks
Pigeon Forge, TN
June 10-12, 2022
Columbia Festival of the Arts
Columbia, MD
July 13-16, 2022
Brookfield Properties- Wintergarden, Manhattan
New York, NY
July 21-24, 2022
Brookfield Properties- Brooklyn Metro Tech
Brooklyn, NY

Please check back soon for newly announced tour dates!

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“… like living statues soaring between heaven and earth…their heads in the sky, hearts close to the sun … produced brilliantly eclectic images that pay homage to Michelangelo, Mary Poppins, Folon and Magritte.”

-Nord Éclair, France

Insane, fantastic, madness or simply wonderful rang the commentary of the amazed audience about the joyous performance taking place high over their heads…”

-Oberhessische Presse, Germany

Swoon! will make hearts go pitter-pat no matter how old the viewer.”

-Delia O’Hara, The Chicago Sun Times

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More Press Quotes

“Giving audiences the chance to watch this circus in the sky, performers blend acrobatics, dance, and theatre together into a performance often leaving people gasping at their seemingly impossible movement.”

– Mandira Nayar, The Hindu
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Audience Reactions

From audience members of Flint Hills Children’s Festival, Ordway, MN in 2013:

“Incredible! The performers were so engaged with the audience and friendly before and after their performance. Just extraordinary.

“Australia’s Strange Fruit was wonderful – easy to see from anywhere and so innovative. Our kids wanted to come back see them again!

“Australia’s Strange Fruit was magical, breathtaking, and amazing. It was so beautiful that I cried.”

“My child literally could not stop jumping up and down and laughing while watching Australia’s Strange Fruit.

“I cannot stop talking about Swoon! Truly fantastic”

For Event Planners and Presenters

Please see “Custom Events” under “Repertory” below, and images found here at company’s website.


BLOOM! is the newest creation of Sway Productions (located in Melbourne, AUS and formerly known as Australia’s Strange Fruit) atop their signature 14-foot sway poles. A 20-minute, outdoor performance inspired by the flowers of the Smoky Mountains, BLOOM! is performed by three acrobatic dancers on-high. A family-friendly, colorful, and spirited performance, BLOOM! explores themes of earth and nature, community, transformation, individuality, and diversity. Accompanied by an original soundtrack by Ania Reynolds, BLOOM! celebrates the ephemeral and simultaneously beautiful nature of life.

Bloom! premiered at Dollywood Parks on April 22, 2022 and runs until June 5, 2022.

Swoon! (25 min. no intermission)

Swoon! is a 20 minute performance where 4 daredevils tell a spectacular story of love, loss, joy and freedom up on high. It was awarded the Second Prize at the 1999 and 2000 Shizuoka Daidogei World Cup, and has been performed worldwide. Swoon! is a vital, spirited performance with spectacular image-making and seductive comedy. Accompanied by a unique and eclectic soundtrack blending some classics with original music, the audience is taken on a journey of beauty, love and laughter.

(4-person cast, 20 min. no intermission)
(5-person cast, 20 min. no intermission)
(7-person cast, 40 min. no intermission)

The Spheres is a cosmic and awe inspiring performance that takes a whimsical look at physics, the miracle of rebirth and power behind these two phenomena. Four celestial beings emerge out of illuminated globes to recount a tale of transformation and wonder. This dazzling quartet version of The Spheres is twenty minutes and for presentation at nighttime only.

The Three Belles (20 min. no intermission)

The Three Belles is a 20 minute performance filled with seduction and charm. Three beautiful belles, attired in regal, purple hoop skirts dazzle and transport the audience into a dreamlike world of period charm and frivolity. Through a whirlwind of dance and movement, they transcend past, present and future as they bewitch and enchant their admirers.

This one-of-a-kind company offers customized performances and set repertoire for every occasion – private parties, corporate gatherings, gala celebrations and special events – delighting your clients and audiences with magical performances atop 14 foot sway poles.  See images found here at company’s website.

Tall Tales of the High Seas 

A new work for children and audiences of all ages.

Tall Tales of the High Seas is a frollicking, swashbuckling adventure for all ages! Three intrepid souls journey into the unknown, swinging from poles on high from inside the spinning boat. The score includes moments of community participation through puppetry and music.


Established in 1994, Australia’s Strange Fruit is a much-celebrated touring company that creates and performs a unique style of performance for audiences worldwide. Based in Melbourne, Australia, the company performs atop fourteen foot flexible poles, bending and swaying to impossible angles while combining elements of theatre, dance, and circus. With a repertoire that has a universal appeal and is accessible to all cultures and ages, Australia’s Strange Fruit has been presented in 50 countries at over 450 international festivals… It has been awarded the National (Australian) Myer Performing Arts Award, the Silver Trophy at the Daidogei World Cup, Japan in 1999 and 2000, the 2003 Premio Del Público, in Valladolid, Spain, and the Governor of Victoria Export Award in 2006. The company was first seen in North America in 2000 at the International Festival of Arts & Ideas in New Haven and at the Taste of Chicago festival. Since then, it has been presented by the Ann Arbor Summer Festival, Reno’s Artown, Mexico’s Chihuahua Festival, and Seattle’s Bumbershoot Festival, among others.

The company’s 2011 tours debuted in the state of Indiana Purdue and Indiana Universities and their third presentation by the Theater at Raritan Valley Community College (NJ). Recently, the company participated in the opening of the Paralympics in London with the UK-based multi-abled cast of performers.

The US-cast made its debut in 2013 with a four-week run as part of Dollywood’s International Festival in Pigeon Forge, TN. In 2013, the US cast was also presented at the VA Arts Festival (Norfolk); the Flint Hills International Children’s Festival presented by the Ordway Center for the Performing Arts (St. Paul); Out of the Box Festival (Boston), Discovery Green (Houston), and several private events. Upcoming performances include performances at Utah Arts Festival Thu-Sun, June 26-29, 2014.

A note from the company about the name, “Australia’s Strange Fruit”

The company was founded in Melbourne, Australia in 1994, with the founders of the company having no knowledge of the Billie Holiday song. The name Australia’s Strange Fruit intends no reference to the song, and we will continue to seek the advice of the festivals that engage us, and our US representation, as to how we consider any usage of the name.


The name “Strange Fruit” came from a dream by the creator of the apparatus with which we work, and on which our shows are based. The dream was of a field of wheat swaying in the wind, which led to the creation of our flexible poles. Strange, brightly colored fruit were atop the strands, which he saw as performers in bright costumes.

Australia’s Strange Fruit has a 20 year history of international touring to over 50 countries, and as such the name has become strongly connected with the company. It was not until we had toured in the United States that anyone within the company became aware of the connotation of the name in that country. Since our first United States tour in 2000, we have considered changing the name, yet it would be a big undertaking to make all our international connections aware of a new name, particularly for the small company that we are.

When a town or festival considers the name inappropriate, they are given other options to market us under, including using the name of the show we are performing, or “Australia’s Sway Poles” or “The Fruits.”

Our intention is to create, free to the public, work which brings joy to as many people as possible.  We do not, in any way, condone any form of racism.

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