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2021/2022 Tour Dates

Nov 4
Drammens Teater
La Galerie
Drammen, Norway
Nov 7
Lionel-Groulx Theater
Ghost Light
Sainte-Thérèse, Quebec
Nov 7
Festiviteten Haugesund
La Galerie
Haugesund, Norway
Nov 9
Stavanger Konserthus
La Galerie
Stavanger, Norway
Tue - Sat,
Nov 9 - 13
Circus Arts City TOHU
Ghost Light
Montreal, Quebec
Nov 10
The Colosseum, City of Lens
Circus Machine
Lens, France
Nov 17
Theatre du Crochetan
La Galerie
Monthey, Switzerland
Wed - Sat,
Nov 17 - 20
Le Diamant
Ghost Light
Québec, Canada
Nov 19
Theatre de Beausobre
La Galerie
Morges, Switzerland
Mon - Wed,
Nov 29 - Dec 1
Théâtre des Deux Rives
Ghost Light
St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Canada
Dec 3
Le Splendid
Machine de Cirque
Saint-Quentin, France
Dec 5
Théâtre Gérard Philipe
Machine de Cirque
Saint-Cyr-l'École, France
Dec 8
La Comète
Machine de Cirque
Saint-Étienne, France
Dec 10
Salle Léon Curral
Machine de Cirque
Sallanches, France
Dec 12
Théâtre La Colonne
Machine de Cirque
Miramas, France
Dec 16
Théâtre Michel Galabru,
Machine de Cirque
Béziers, France

Please check back soon for newly announced tour dates!

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“Immensely gifted performers… and spectacular routines.”

– Boston Globe

full article (PDF)

“This show will make you stand up and cheer for humanity”

– WGBH Boston

full article (PDF)

“Rarely is there an ensemble that can so stunningly give a nod to tradition before blowing it off for something more inventive.”

-Lucy Gellman, New Haven Independent

full article (PDF)


Poetic and humorous… the five guys in Machine de Cirque have everything to please. Only one problem: they’re alone in the world. Their quest: to contact other survivors with the help of a strange machine. Will they succeed? Who knows? They easily let themselves get distracted by their flights of fantasy and share a special talent for getting themselves into perilous situations. It’s only natural! How could they survive otherwise in this universe devoid of women and computers?

Reckless, touching and comical, these five wacky characters share a contagious bond. They masterfully handle a teeterboard, juggling clubs, a drum kit and even a bath towel!

Seven zany acrobats and one electrifying musician take in a monochrome exhibit. With a creative spark, they set off an explosion of color – and a lot of popcorn. In mocking defiance of convention, these wacky and endearing characters eagerly explore the exhibition inside out. Dizzying feats, astonishing discoveries, poetic liberties, and a serious dose of silly good fun come together to fuel this ode to creativity. ART WINS! This 70-minute performance, great for all ages, features breathtaking Russian bar, teeterboard, hand-to-hand, juggling, and high-flying acrobatic acts. Premiered at the Montreal Cirque Festival in 2019, La Galerie has toured throughout Europe with a season in the 2019 Edinburgh Fringe. It has been rescheduled to be presented by the Spoleto Festival and Ann Arbor Summer Festival in June, 2021.

Award-winning, Guinness Book world record holders Maxim Laurin & Ugo Dario perform a spectacular duet on a spinning teeter board that will bring you into the elusive world between fall and flight. Ghost Light takes a deep look into the synergy of two highly skilled performers who have performed together for more than ten years. The teeterboard propels Max & Ugo toward each other in the euphoria of flight, accompanied by the levity of weightlessness, and the fatality of the inevitable fall. A reflection of the journey of a partnership, Ghost Light features a blend of breathtaking acrobatic feats, poignant choreography, and a saturated lighting design. One-hour in length, Ghost Light premiered in fall, 2020 in France. It is scheduled to be presented at the Montreal Cirque Festival in July, 2021.


Boasting performers from Cirque du Soleil, Cirque Eloize, and Les Sept Doigts, Machine de Cirque was created by juggler/acrobats Raphaël Dubé and Yohann Trépanier, along with percussionist Fred Lebrasseur, under the artistic direction of Vincent Dubé. Guinness World Record holders for the most consecutive back flips on a teeter board as a team of two, Maxim Laurin and Ugo Dario joined the team and Machine de Cirque was premiered in May, 2015 in Quebec City.

Poetic and humorous, the five guys of Machine de Cirque really know how to please. The only problem is they think they are all alone in the world. Their mission is to find others with the use of a strange machine. Will they do it? It is far from certain! They are easily distracted by their silly games and have a definite talent for putting themselves in perilous situations. Courageous, touching and funny, these five crazy characters are full a contagious spirit they can’t wait to share with you. They masterfully handle the teeterboard, juggling clubs, drums, and even bath towels! Machine de Cirque will dazzle you with its stunning feats.

Based in Quebec City, Machine de Cirque’s show premiered in the US at the International Festival of Arts & Ideas in 2016. It was presented for two sold-out weeks by Arts Emerson in September, 2016 in Boston. This season, the company will be presented throughout the US and CANADA. Great for all ages as well for date nights, Machine de Cirque runs 90 minutes in length, no intermission. 60-minute student shows are available, as are two-show days.

Here’s the Guinness World Record footage

As an international circus performer and trained engineer, Vincent is a jack of all trades. He loves multi-disciplinary projects, and is interested in using day-to-day items as circus-act props, and vice versa. Always eager to learn, each project becomes an opportunity to learn.

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